Saturday, August 30, 2008


How is the heart to recover when the only person capable of soothing its restless beat, lights it on fire?

How do you dare dream again, when all your dreams come crashing down in an avalanche, burying all your hopes with them?

How is the spirit to bounce back after suffering an insurmountable loss?

How are your eyes to see, when their vision has been rendered impossible by tears?

How will you learn to trust again?

The answer, friends tell me, is with time. Time is the great healer. It can right almost any wrong. Can time heal a shattered heart? I am about to find out, and I sincerely hope so.

Meanwhile, how am I supposed to continue on? How can I be productive at anything? How do I put on a false front that everything is alright? How do I prevent my friends from seeing right through me? How can I forgive? How can I forget? How can I live?

Do I have the strength to endure this? Will I emerge a stronger person or one who cannot love anymore?