Sunday, October 19, 2008

Kashmir Ki Kali Lyrics

I was watching tv in the afternoon and I happened to catch a special on Shammi Kapoor, a legend of Indian Cinema. This program reminded me of the beautiful songs in Kashmir Ki Kali among other movies. So I did the logical thing and downloaded all the songs :)

Some of the lyrics which make the whole album amazing:

Isharon Isharon mein dile lene wale
bata ye hunar tune sikha kahaan se

The one who wins hearts through mere signals
Tell me where have you learnt this art?

Nigaahon Nigaahon mein jadoo chalana
mere jaan sikha hai tumne jahaan se

Creating magic through glances of eyes
Wherever you have learnt this skill, my love

Maanaa ke jaana-ye-jahaa laakhon mein tum yek ho
humaaree kee nigaahon kee bhee kuchh to magar daad do
bahaaron ko bhee naaj jis fool par thaa
wahee fool hum ne chunaa gulasitaa se

I agree that you are but one in millions
You have to give some credit to my eyes
The one flower that spring was most proud of
That is the flower I have chosen from the garden

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sachin - Random Observations

Unless you have been living under a rock, you must now be aware of Tendulkar's amazing feat. He has set the record for Most Runs in Test Matches. I am not much of a cricket fan, but I dont think it is necessary for you to be one to appreciate that moment. I have seen the news reports and replays on tv and observed:

  • Tendulkar started playing in 1989 and 19 years later, he stands alone on top of his game. It is an amazing feat that speaks volumes about his talent as well as endurance.
  • Considering India's pathetic showing at the Olympics, it's nice to see someone holding their own on the international stage.
  • It was fantastic to watch the whole Aussie team come up to congratulate him. He is the most respected cricketer of modern times.
  • Tendulkar is 5'4", a little guy, yet one of the best players in the sport
  • He spent the tea interval on 13 not out, just one run away from Lara's record. But after the 20-minute break he hit his first ball for three down to third man and saluted the crowd before the Australian fielders went to shake his hand.
  • He has been in the spotlight for 2 decades now but there is not a single negative incident that can scar his gentlemanly image. In the age of 24 hour news and sports channels, it is an achievement that showcases his character.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Right Race

Day and night, we are competing for so many things - at work and outside of it. Most of us are so possessed with the desire to win that we forget to ask - Am I running the right race?

This question has many facets, but I wish to bring up just one - having intelligent ambitions. If winning is too easy, it is almost certain that you are not competing at the level that you belong to. Push yourself, seek the next level and the one after that. Don't stop till you find yourself among competition that is better than you. Because you learn more from one loss than you do from a hundred victories. Because it is better to lose in the Olympics, having competed with the best in the world, than win an easy but meaningless race.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Losing the Essence

Eid is the day when Muslims across the world break their month long fast with grand meals and celebrations. Meat is an integral part of the Eid meals. India has mandated that it would mark the day of birth of the 'Father of the Nation' by banning the sale of meat and liquor on his birthday. What happens when Eid and Gandhi Jayanti fall on the same date?

Some of the butchers broke the meat-ban by putting meat up on sale to meet the demand generated by Eid. Political parties resorted to violence and attacked these shops in an effort to make a political statement. It is all over the local news right now.

What is lost in all this commotion, is the essence of Gandhian principles. Gandhi advocated Vegetarianism but never forced it on anyone. I would imagine that the principle of non-violence was a lot more important to Gandhi than vegetarianism. The political parties have managed to hold up the rule but in the process, they defeated the whole purpose behind it. We have lost the gandhian principles in an effort to hold them up.