Sunday, October 19, 2008

Kashmir Ki Kali Lyrics

I was watching tv in the afternoon and I happened to catch a special on Shammi Kapoor, a legend of Indian Cinema. This program reminded me of the beautiful songs in Kashmir Ki Kali among other movies. So I did the logical thing and downloaded all the songs :)

Some of the lyrics which make the whole album amazing:

Isharon Isharon mein dile lene wale
bata ye hunar tune sikha kahaan se

The one who wins hearts through mere signals
Tell me where have you learnt this art?

Nigaahon Nigaahon mein jadoo chalana
mere jaan sikha hai tumne jahaan se

Creating magic through glances of eyes
Wherever you have learnt this skill, my love

Maanaa ke jaana-ye-jahaa laakhon mein tum yek ho
humaaree kee nigaahon kee bhee kuchh to magar daad do
bahaaron ko bhee naaj jis fool par thaa
wahee fool hum ne chunaa gulasitaa se

I agree that you are but one in millions
You have to give some credit to my eyes
The one flower that spring was most proud of
That is the flower I have chosen from the garden