Monday, June 23, 2008

Track Your Goals

I came across a nice little website today - Joe's Goals - that lets you track your short term goals on a daily basis. You can add as many goals as you want and assign points to them. For example, one of the goals can be Workout with +4. Another one - Work Late with -5. If you end up working late and exercising, you end up with -1 on the day. I love this concept and I want to make this a daily habit.

Goals that I started off with:
- Update Blog +5
- 40 pushups +3
- Google Reader +1
- Read a book +1
- Compliment someone and mean it +1
- Watch a movie +10
- Out of office before 6PM +6
- Bite Nails -4
- In office after 7PM -4

I am +1 on the day so far. Check it out and improve your life.